How to eat at “ichiran” ramen place

Step by Step

  1. Go into the store
  2. Buy a meal ticket
  3. Put in the money
  4. I ordered the most popular ramen and a second serving of noodles.
  5. After you get your ticket, go into the store
  6. Please be sited anywhere you like
  7. choose your option
  8. Stronger taste, how much garlic and green onion you want and if you want Char-siu pork or not
  9. Press the button on the right corner, when you are done
  10. After ordering…
  11. After it comes, the bamboo screen will come down. Now you have your own space to eat
  12. Let's eat while its hot
  13. when the noodles are gone, lets order a second serving. *second serving of noodles means only the noodles are coming
  14. Put it on the button and a stuff will come and get it