Step by Step

  1. A world heritage temple
  2. Established in 1482, it has a lot of history
  3. It one of the must-visit places in Kyoto with many tourists
  4. Ginkakuji, a popular tourist spot in Kyoto
  5. Admission fees: 500 yen for adults, 300 yen for elementary and junior-high students
  6. It is one of the quintessential Kyoto Rokaku temples, along with Kinkakuji
  7. Each season brings a different landscape
  8. This place, Sengetsusen, is known to be a power-spot
  9. You can enjoy the entire view of Kyoto here
  10. Why not come to visit this ancient temple?
  11. How to visit Ginkakuji from Ginkakuji-mae bus station
  12. Start from the Ginkakuji-mae bus station
  13. Cross the bridge
  14. Keep walking straight
  15. Arrival at Ginkakuji