Heian Shrine(Sakyo-ku)

Step by Step

  1. The Heian Shrine is overwhelming with its vastness and elegance of its buildings
  2. The garden in which you can enjoy the nature of the four seasons is also one of its charms
  3. You can enjoy Japanese sweets and tea at the tea house
  4. The large red Torii gate is also famous and a landmark of the area
  5. The Heian Shrine is popular as it is said to benefit marriage
  6. The entrance to the Heian Shrine “Otenmon”
  7. The majestic “Daigokuden” is a masterpiece
  8. Cleanse your hands and your mouth at the dragon hand basin
  9. You can purchase a charm to ward off evil
  10. Tie up your Omikuji to one of those branches
  11. To enter the shrine, you need to pay an entrance fee
  12. You can enjoy the four seasons at the Heian Shrine
  13. As there is a tea house on the premises, you can taste some tea while relaxing
  14. You can feel the atmosphere at the east shrine garden on the pond
  15. For more than 50 Yen you can feed the fish
  16. How about visiting this shrine?
  17. Directions to Heian Shrine From City Bus Okazaki Koen Bijitsukan Station
  18. Exit the bus and pass through the red gate
  19. Continue straight
  20. Cross the street
  21. Arrival at the Heian Shrine