Kifune Shrine(Kifuneguchi)

Step by Step

  1. A shrine older than 1300 year, famous as a holy space for weddings.
  2. The Water Omikuji are popular.
  3. Many your women visit this shrine for its positive effect on wedding
  4. Many tourists visit this place as well
  5. Here you can listen to an audio guide using your smartphone
  6. When you put these Water Omikuji in the water characters will appear on the paper and you can see the result
  7. How about visiting this shrine?
  8. How to visit the Kifune Shrine from Eizan Electric Railway Demachiyanagi Station
  9. Buy your ticket (Adults are 420 Yen)
  10. Take the train from platform 3
  11. Leave the train at the Kibuneguchi Station
  12. Leave the station and turn left
  13. Take the bus towards the Kifune Shrine
  14. Leave the bus at the Kibune Bus Stop
  15. Walk straight for a little while
  16. Arrival at the Kifune Shrine