Kyoto Tower(Kyoto station)

Step by Step

  1. The Kyoto Tower, also popular as a Kyoto Landmark
  2. Here you can see Kyoto’s tourists’ locations in one sweep
  3. This observatory is popular underneath tourists
  4. Head towards the ticket counter
  5. Buy your ticket here
  6. Using the ticket machine can be faster
  7. Adults are 770 Yen, High school students are 620 Yen 、Middle and elementary school students are 520 Yen, Infants are 150 Yen、People with disabilities are 350 Yen
  8. Move up to the 11th floor using the elevator
  9. Here take another elevator
  10. Arrival at the obersvatory
  11. Here you can enjoy a 360° view of the Kyoto City scenery
  12. You can also see Kyoto’s many tourist locations
  13. This is a shrine based around the Kyoto Tower mascot
  14. Here you can buy limited edition votive tablets and Omikuji (fortune sheets)
  15. How about visiting this popular observatory?
  16. How to visit the Kyoto Tower(From JR Kyoto Station)
  17. Move through the right side of the bus terminal
  18. Cross the street
  19. Arrival at the Kyoto Tower