Step by Step

  1. How about coming to Kyoto Minami-za when visiting Kyoto?
  2. Kyoto Minami-za is Japan’s oldest theatre with history and tradition
  3. Here you can enjoy Kabuki, theatre, concerts and more
  4. Kyoto Minami-za is an over 400-year-old theatre
  5. It has a focus on entertainment including Kabuki
  6. First, buy your ticket at the Box Office (online tickets also available)
  7. Once you have bought your ticket. Let's quickly enter the hall
  8. Take your seat printed on the ticket
  9. With the earphone guide you can watch the play while listening to commentary in English. There also are plays without English Audio Guides
  10. The play will start when the hall turns dark
  11. Nadaman Teehouse
  12. Let’s enjoy a meal during the break between acts
  13. Minami-za Kaiseki Jubako (Minami-za Kaiseki Large Box)
  14. Toraya
  15. We also recommend the Minami-za sweets
  16. Minami-za Set
  17. At the shop Kabuki related goods and limited Japanese sweets are sold
  18. Let's leave the hall after the whole program is finished
  19. Usually the Minami-za focuses on Kabuki and other theatre forms
  20. However, the theatre sometimes remove the seats to present these kinds of events on the flat, open space
  21. How about taking a step into Kyoto Minami-za when visiting Kyoto?
  22. Directions to Kyoto Minami-za from Keihan Line Gion-Shijo Station
  23. Leave through the Ticket Gate and head towards Exit 6
  24. After moving upstairs…
  25. Arrival at Kyoto Minami-za