Yasaka Koshin-do(Higashiyama)

Step by Step

  1. A popular Instagram photo spot
  2. Many “Tied up monkeys“ hang here with wishes written on them
  3. It is famous for being a spot where wishes come true
  4. The “Tied up monkeys“ are hanging all over the place
  5. You can buy “Tied up monkeys” (Kukuri-zaru) here
  6. Let’s write a whish and hang it up
  7. It is also a popular Instagram spot
  8. These colorful Tied up monkeys have a variety of wishes written on them
  9. Why don’t you come and visit this temple?
  10. Directions to Yasaka Koshin-do from Shimizu Bus Stop
  11. Start from the bus stop and continue straight
  12. Continue to the right
  13. Continue straight
  14. Arrival at Yasaka Koshin-do