The way to go to Nagoya on an airport shuttle bus

Step by Step

  1. International Arrival Exit
  2. When you exit from the arrival exit go left
  3. Go out from this exit
  4. After you walked through the moving walkway go right
  5. Go down the escalator beside the convenience store
  6. check the bus stop
  7. The way to Nagoya・Sakae is bus stop 6
  8. After checking the bus stop, lets but a ticket
  9. All of the shuttle bus tickets will be the same price. ※Adults 1200yen, children 600yen
  10. Put your money in and lets buy a ticket
  11. When the time comes, lets go to the bus stop. Give the ticket to the driver after you get off
  12. Please be sited in anywhere you like
  13. The bus will leave on time
  14. Please press this button, when you want to get off