Kinshachi Yokocho

Step by Step

  1. Introducing some popular restaurants and stores near Nagoya Castle
  2. The new “Kinshachi Yokocho” in Nagoya
  3. Nagoya City, Subway, Meijo-Line, Shiyakusho Station
  4. Look for exit 7
  5. Turn left and you will see exit 7
  6. Exit No. 7
  7. Go upstairs and leave the station
  8. After leaving the station, go left
  9. You will arrive at the east gate of the “Kinshachi Yokocho”
  10. Let’s go inside!
  11. The east side is called the “Muneharu zone”
  12. In this zone the restaurants and stores hope to create a new food culture
  13. Something really special here is
  14. The “Kinpaku Softcream” (Leaf Gold softcream) 980Yen
  15. On the west side there is a zone called the “Yoshinao zone”
  16. Nagoya Castle, west side, main gate
  17. After leaving the main gate and turning to the left
  18. You will arrive at the Kinshachi Yokocho entrance gate area
  19. Let’s go inside!
  20. The west side is called the “Yoshinao zone”
  21. Here you will find a lot of popular restaurants and stores representing Nagoya
  22. Something special here is
  23. The Sake-Store “Gisuke” which is famous in Nagoya and the Aichi-prefecture
  24. For a small price you can try different types of japanese sake
  25. You will also find stores selling various goods connected to the Nagoya area
  26. How about visiting the Kinshachi Yokocho when coming to Nagoya?