Abeno Harukas(Tennoji)

Step by Step

  1. Abeno Harukas is the tallest building in Japan
  2. You can see the city of Osaka from the observatory
  3. It is also famous as a holy place for lovers
  4. Take the elevator to the 16th floor
  5. Buy your ticket
  6. Adults 1500 Yen, Junior high and high school students 1200 Yen, Elementary school students 700 Yen, Infants 500 Yen
  7. Scan your ticket and enter
  8. Take the elevator to the 60th floor
  9. You can see all of Osaka at a glance from the observatory
  10. You can see Osaka’s sightseeing spots like the Tsutenkaku, the Tennoji Zoo and more
  11. You can also buy commemorative medals and souvenirs
  12. You can visit the heliport for 500 Yen
  13. Hang up and promise eternal love at the “Lover’s Sanctuary“
  14. On the heliport you can look over the city from a height of 300 meters
  15. Why don’t you visit this observatory?
  16. Directions to Abeno Harukas From JR Tennoji Station
  17. Head towards the Central Ticket Gate
  18. Turn left
  19. Turn right
  20. Climb the stairs to your left
  21. Follow the path
  22. Turn left
  23. Arrival at Abeno Harukas