Aqua Liner(Osaka-jo koen)

Step by Step

  1. A Water-Bus to stroll through the streets of Osaka on water
  2. You can experience the magic of the water city of Osaka with you own skin
  3. You can enjoy the various seasonal sceneries like the cherry blossoms and the autumn leaves
  4. But your ticket at the ticket counter
  5. Adults are 1700 Yen,Children are 850 Yen
  6. Let’s go on board
  7. You can also buy drinks and other things on board
  8. You can enjoy Osaka’s scenery from above the water
  9. You can enjoy the cherry blossoms during spring and the autumn leaves during autumn
  10. How about enjoying tourism in Osaka with this cruise 
  11. How to ride the Aqua Liner(From Osaka-jo koen Station)
  12. Leave the station and move downstairs
  13. Continue towards the right
  14. Follow the path
  15. Arrival at the Water Bus Pier
  16. Buy your ticket at the ticket counter