Ebisubashi (from Namba subway station)

Step by Step

  1. Here we introduce how to get to Ebisubashi, a popular Osaka spot that gets lots of visitors
  2. Namba Station, Midōsuji Line, Osaka Municipal Subway
  3. Go up the stairs, heading for the northeast gate
  4. Head toward the right after exiting the gate
  5. Look for Namba Walk
  6. Entrance to Namba Walk
  7. Take exit B10
  8. Go up the stairs in front of you
  9. Turn left
  10. Head straight through the arcade
  11. At the end of the arcade, you’ll see a bridge
  12. Turn around in the middle of the bridge, and you’ll see the famous Glico sign.
  13. There will be lots of people taking photos here
  14. At night, the sign’s neon is really pretty. Even on weekdays the area is busy with lots of people.
  15. Do you want to visit Ebisubashi, which sees an average of 200,000 poeple passing by each day (and 350,000 on holidays)?