Ebisu Bridge(Namba)

Step by Step

  1. The “Ebisu Bridge”, a spot where you can find many of Osaka’s tourist attractions
  2. Here you can find anything from long-established stores to state-of-the-art shops
  3. You can also taste Osaka’s B-Grade gourmet foods
  4. There are always a lot of tourists visiting this bridge
  5. The Glico advertisement is a famous photo spot
  6. The “Kuidaore Taro” the symbol of the Dotonbori
  7. You can eat the famous freshly made Takoyaki
  8. The Kani Doraku with its striking crab sign
  9. You can also buy take out grilled crab at this store
  10. You can enjoy excellent grilled crabs here
  11. How about enjoying sightseeing at Osaka’s famous Ebisu Bridge?
  12. Directions to Ebisu Bridge from Subway Namba Station
  13. Start from the Namba Station North-East Gate
  14. Head towards Exit 14
  15. Turn left
  16. Continue straight
  17. Turn left
  18. Continue straight
  19. Arrival at Ebisu Bridge