Ikuno Korea Town (Ikuno)

Step by Step

  1. A place visited by over 1 Million people yearly with many Korean restaurants and more
  2. A fun place to eat and walk around
  3. Here you can enjoy Korean food while being in Japan
  4. Many tourists visit this Korea Town
  5. As there are many places to grab takeout foods, you can do sightseeing while enjoying Korean foods
  6. You can also buy Korean side dishes here you won’t find anywhere else as easily
  7. Here you can also buy things typically sold in Korea
  8. Hatogu are so popular that people line up to get one
  9. On a hot day we recommend the Korean style shaved ice made with 100% milk instead of water
  10. How about tasting Korean food in this area?
  11. Directions to Ikuno Korea Town from JR Momodani Station
  12. Head to the exit
  13. Leave the station and turn left
  14. Follow the path going through the shopping district
  15. Cross the street to your left
  16. Turn left
  17. Walk straight
  18. After turning right…
  19. Arrival at the Ikuno Korea Town