Jan-Jan Yokocho(Shin-sekai)

Step by Step

  1. A shopping street known for its retro vibe
  2. You can enjoy games from back in the day
  3. This street is also known for its cheap and tasty eateries
  4. You can enjoy nostalgic arcade games
  5. The street is lined with cheap food and drinks
  6. Kushi-katsu, an Osaka favorite, it a must-try
  7. Various meats and vegetables are fried and is accompanied with a special sauce
  8. Why not visit here to enjoy games and good food?
  9. How to visit Jan-Jan Yokocho from subway Doubutsu-en Station
  10. Head to exit 1
  11. Turn left
  12. Walk straight
  13. Arrival at Jan-jan Yokocho