Kuishinbo Yokocho(Osakako)

Step by Step

  1. A place to enjoy Osaka’s various gourmet foods
  2. The 40s of the Showa period of Osaka are resembled here
  3. Many long-established stores and famous foods can be found here
  4. The interior make you feel like you went back in time
  5. There are so many stores that you can barely decide which one to visit
  6. When you touch the back of the statues feet in the middle, it begins singing
  7. Famous foods of Osaka like Takoyaki can be found here
  8. How about enjoying famous Osaka foods at this gourmet spot?
  9. How to visit the Naniwa Kushinbo Yokocho
  10. Osaka Metro Chuo-Line Osakako Station
  11. Head towards Exit 2
  12. After leaving the station, continue straight
  13. Cross the street
  14. Keep walking
  15. Cross the street to your left
  16. Then cross the street to your right
  17. Continue towards the Ferris wheel entrance
  18. Move up the escalator
  19. Arrival at the Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho