Kuromon Ichiba

Step by Step

  1. Osaka Metro Sennichimae-Line Nipponbashi-Station
  2. Look for exit 10
  3. After leaving through the ticket gate, turn right
  4. Exit 10
  5. Go upstairs
  6. After leaving the underground continue straight
  7. Arrival at “Kuromon Ichiba”
  8. Let’s go inside!
  9. The “Kuromon Ichiba” is often called the “Osaka kitchen”
  10. Here you will find various stores featuring fresh fish, meat and vegetables.
  11. Please try visiting this market while tasting food from different stores!
  12. The famous “Tako-Yaki” (Octopus-balls)
  13. Fresh “Sashimi”
  14. Right next to the stores you will find a place to eat and drink your food
  15. Grilled “Wagyu” skewers
  16. A fruit shop
  17. We recommend bringing an empty stomach when coming to “Kuromon Ichiba” !