Let’s try Pachinko at the Namba Maruhan

Step by Step

  1. Do you know Pachinko?
  2. When visiting Osaka try your luck with Pachinko
  3. Let’s try Pachinko at the Namba Maruhan
  4. A spot popular with tourists. Osaka, Namba
  5. At the Dotonbori there are plenty of fun places and gourmet spots
  6. After enjoying your time at the Dotonbori, visit this place
  7. Start from the Ebisu Bridge
  8. Turn left
  9. Enter the “sennichimae” street
  10. Cross the street
  11. Turn right
  12. Even in the lively city of Osaka an outstandingly shimmering place: The Namba Maruhan Shinkan
  13. An exciting test of luck at Maruhan
  14. As smoking is not permitted inside this is also a good place for non-smokers
  15. Pick your own favourite machine out of the many available
  16. You can ask the staff for a tutorial on how to play
  17. After throwing some money into the machine to the left balls come out and you can start playing
  18. So, this is the start of your test of luck
  19. If the numbers align, it’s a hit!
  20. If you press the return button a card will come out
  21. When you finished playing take your card and go to the prize exchange place
  22. You can exchange the balls you collected playing for various goods
  23. When you come to Namba for sightseeing let’s try your luck at Maruhan