Usamitei Matsubaya(Shinsaibashi)

Step by Step

  1. A well-established popular restaurant for over 120 years
  2. The origin of the Kitsune Udon
  3. A Udon restaurant beloved by people for many years
  4. Here you can pick from a large variety of Udon
  5. The dish where fried tofu is placed on top of a bowl of Udon has its origin here
  6. How about eating traditional Udon here?
  7. How to visit the Usamitei Matsubaya(From Subway Shinsaibashi Station)
  8. Start from the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line, Shinsaibashi Station
  9. Head towards Exit 2
  10. Leave the station via the North Exit 8
  11. After leaving the station, continue straight
  12. Turn left
  13. Walk straight
  14. Arrival at the Usamitei Matsubaya