Kobe Port Tower(Kobe)

Step by Step

  1. Kobe Port Tower is a landmark of Kobe
  2. It is known for its unique and beautiful design
  3. It is also known as a “place for lovers”
  4. Buy your ticket
  5. Admissions ticket (High school and above 700yen, Elementary, middle school 300yen)
  6. Hand in your ticket to enter
  7. Many tourists visit here
  8. From the Observatory room, you can take in the landscape of Kobe
  9. You can also see ferry boats from above as the sea is nearby
  10. Couples write their names on locks and vow everlasting love
  11. You can buy gifts as a souvenir of Kobe Port Tower
  12. Why not visit Kobe Port Tower?
  13. How to visit Kobe Port Tower from Subway Minato-Motomachi Station
  14. Head to Exit 2
  15. Exit the station and turn right
  16. Cross the road to your left
  17. Walk straight
  18. Turn left
  19. Cross the road to your right
  20. Walk straight
  21. Turn left
  22. Cross the road to your right
  23. Walk straight
  24. Cross the road to your right
  25. Turn left
  26. Cross the road
  27. Walk straight
  28. Arrival at Kobe Port Tower