Bunkamura (From JR Shibuya Station)

Step by Step

  1. Shibuya Station
  2. Leave the JR Shibuya Station via the Hachi-kou Ticket Gate
  3. You will see the Shibuya Crossing in front of you
  4. Cross the street
  5. You will see the Shibuya 109
  6. Cross the street and walk along the right side of the 109
  7. Walk straight
  8. Keep walking
  9. From here you can already see the Tokyu department store building.
  10. This building and the Bunkamura are connected
  11. Cross the street and turn left
  12. Walk straight
  13. Arrival at Bunkamura♪
  14. The Bunkamura connects a variety of cultural Facilities such as concert halls, theatres, museums and small theatre stages
  15. How about enjoying the diverse culture at the Bunkamura?