How to enjoy Tokyo from the inside of a double decker bus

Step by Step

  1. Tokyo Station Maru no uchi side, South gate
  2. Please head for the exit on the left
  3. Look for the Hato Bus sign
  4. Head to the left
  5. Walk straight
  6. Buy your ticket here
  7. Once you have your ticket, move to the bus stop written on your ticket
  8. Arrival at the designated bus stop
  9. You can enter the bus a few minutes before departure
  10. Show the bus guide your ticket and check if you are on the right seat
  11. Please sit on your designated seat
  12. Once it’s time, the bus will depart
  13. Imperial Palace
  14. National Parliament
  15. Tokyo Tower
  16. You will enter the highway
  17. And cross the Rainbow Bridge
  18. Ride along the Kabuki Theatre “Kabuki-Za”
  19. Enjoy the scenery of the Ginza District
  20. Then you will return to the Tokyo Station to end your bus trip. The tour will take about 1 hour.
  21. You can also use the well timed audio guide which is provided during the trip
  22. The audio guide is available in: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Taiwanese, French, Indonesian and Vietnamese.