Ebisu Yokocho (From JR Ebisu Station)

Step by Step

  1. Ebisu Yokocho is only 2 minutes away from Ebisu Station. Here you can find around 20 small bars and restaurants which are always filled with people.
  2. JR Ebisu Station
  3. Leave the station via the East Ticket Gate
  4. After leaving the Ticket Gate, head to your right
  5. Cross the street and turn left
  6. Walk straight for a little bit
  7. Turn right
  8. Cross the street
  9. Then head to the right
  10. Arrival at Ebisu Yokocho!
  11. Let’s go inside!
  12. In the past this was a market. But then it was revived with a variety of restaurants and bars and..
  13. It’s hard to decide which place to go in!
  14. You can enjoy the atmosphere of the popular bars from the old days of Japan
  15. The atmosphere which makes it easy to make new friends calls many people here every day!
  16. How about enjoying a meal or a few drinks here?