How to get to Enoshima by taking the Enoden from Kamakura

Step by Step

  1. There are 9 stations between Kamakura and Enoshima, and it takes about 23 minutes
  2. The train fare is 260 yen (130 yen for children up to age 12)
  3. After buying a ticket, go through the ticket gate and head to the platform
  4. The train arrives
  5. The train leaves Kamakura Station. About 23 minutes later…
  6. It arrives at Enoshima Station♪
  7. Please head towards the exit
  8. Exit the ticket gate and turn left
  9. Head straight along the road
  10. When you get to a street with a traffic light, go down the underpass on the right
  11. Enoshima is visible in the near distance. Just cross this bridge and…
  12. You’ve arrived at Enoshima♪
  13. There’s lots to see! Please enjoy Enoshima!