Musical Instrument Town (Ochanomizu)

Step by Step

  1. This is a spot called the musical instrument town where you can find a lot of musical instrument shops
  2. Here you can buy various musical instruments
  3. The perfect spot for any musician
  4. There are many specialized stores on this street
  5. Because each store has its own distinctive features
  6. Music loving people won’t get bored here
  7. There is a variety of long-established guitar stores and other popular classical stores
  8. It seems also famous musicians from abroad
  9. Visit these stores
  10. How about visiting this street when looking for an instrument?
  11. Directions to the musical instrument town from JR Ochanomizu Station
  12. Leave via the Ochanomizubashi Exit and turn left
  13. After crossing the street…
  14. Arrival at the musical instrument town