How to go to Ghibli Museum from Tokyo station

Step by Step

  1. Tokyo station
  2. From Tokyo station to Mitaka station will be 300yen
  3. Please buy a train ticket
  4. After buying let’s go to the gate
  5. the ticket will come back so please be careful
  6. Get on the JR Chuo line to Mitaka station. The orange line at Tokyo station No.1 and 2 will be the guide
  7. Please get on the train and be seated in any seat
  8. It will take 30 min to Mitaka
  9. Please get on a escalator to the exit
  10. After coming out from the the gate, go to the south exit
  11. like this guidance, there will be a escalator on the left. Please go down on it
  12. Go down this path and cross the crosswalk. There will be a bus to Ghibli Museum
  13. The bus to the museum will take off from here. If you are walking, it will take about 15 min
  14. Please get your 210yen ready. (children fee is 110yen)
  15. If you are taking the bus back, there will be a reduced fare. Please go to the station information
  16. When you get on the bus, you will pay the fee
  17. *Get on the bus from the front and leave from the back. You will pay the bus fee when you get on
  18. When the time comes it will leave from the stop
  19. 4 stops till the Gibli Museum from Mitaka. *You will see the stops on the screen, over the bus driver
  20. When you are getting off please press the botton
  21. Get off the back door and walk to the left…
  22. You made it!