How to get to the central Tokyo from Haneda airport. (Tokyo monorail)

Step by Step

  1. Haneda airport International terminal Arrival lounge
  2. When you come out from the arrival lounge, go strait
  3. This the sign
  4. We will buy a ticket at the ticket-vending machine
  5. And change it to English setting
  6. If you are going to "Hamamatucyo"choose the Monorall line.
  7. If you are going to transfer to the JR line and head to “Shibuya” or "Shinjuku" choose the JR line from the Transfer ticket
  8. We chose the "Hamamatucyo" ticket. (490yen)
  9. Put in the money
  10. After that go through the gate to the plat home
  11. There will be a ticket coming back so please be careful to get it
  12. Please get on from No.2
  13. When the time comes it will leave
  14. Please enjoy the views of Tokyo while you are waiting
  15. When you start seeing the Tokyo tower, that means we are almost there
  16. Arrived to "hamamatucyo"
  17. Go through the gate and
  18. we are going to the JR line ※There will be no ticket coming out
  19. To get to the JR line, this will be sign
  20. We are here at the JR line ! Have fun♪
  21. Have a nice trip !