Kabukiza Theatre(Ginza)

Step by Step

  1. If you want to see Kabuki in Tokyo, here is the Kabukiza
  2. It is a large hall that can accommodate over 1900 people
  3. You can understand the story with the English subtitle guide
  4. The Kabukiza is a large Kabuki Theatre and was built in 1889
  5. In April 2013 the 5th period of the Kabukiza was started
  6. Full program tickets can be purchased at the ticket counter in the basement
  7. Single Act Tickets are available at the ticket counter besides the main entrance
  8. There are seats from the 1st to the 4th floor and prices vary depending on the seat
  9. You can have a good view of the stage even from the 4th floor
  10. If you only want to see one act, we recommend the single act seat on the 4th floor
  11. Subtitle guides are available in the Kabukiza
  12. You can rent the device at the subtitle guide counter on the first floor (1000 Yen)
  13. You can enjoy the show even if you don't understand Japanese
  14. Enjoy Kabuki to your heart’s content from your seat
  15. You can eat a bento you brought at your seat
  16. Commemorate your stay at the Kabukiza with souvenirs
  17. You can also enjoy Japanese sweets such as Taiyaki
  18. To dive even deeper into the world of Kabuki, visit the Kabukiza Gallery on the 5th floor
  19. Here you can enjoy many experience-exhibitions about the Kabukiza
  20. Directions to the Kabukiza Theatre From Subway Higashi-Ginza Station
  21. Head towards Exit 3
  22. Move up the escalator
  23. Leave the station and after turning left
  24. Arrival at the Kabukiza Theatre