How to get to the Kabukiza (Ginza)

Step by Step

  1. Leave the train at the Higashi-Ginza Station. (The Toei Subway Asakusa-Line and the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)
  2. Head for Exit 3
  3. Move overground using the escalator
  4. After arriving upstairs, head to the right...
  5. You will arive at the Kabuki-za!
  6. The Kabuki-Za is a historically important Kabuki Theatre which opened its gate 1889.
  7. Since opening its gate it has been rebuild 4 times which makes the Kabuki-Za of today, built in 2014, the 5th one.
  8. Use the Escalator to get to the B2 Floor and you will find the Kobikicho square
  9. On the Kobikicho square you can buy Kabuki Theatre tickets, Bentos and souvenirs
  10. We recommend trying the Kabuki-Za limited edition Soy Cappuccino.
  11. The limited edition Soy Cappuccino is decorated with a Kabuki Style cinnamon topping(KUMADORI)
  12. This is the Makeup which is unique for Kabuki.
  13. To enjoy the Kabuki-Za even without understanding Japanese, you can get English (and Japanese) Headphone-Guides here! Please enjoy your trip to the Kabuki-Za!