Kidzania Tokyo

Step by Step

  1. Introducing the theme park “Kidzania”, a world ruled by children!
  2. The Toyosu Station of the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line
  3. Head for the Lalaport District Gate
  4. The Lalaport District Gate
  5. Leave through Exit 2
  6. Here you will find the Lalaport through which you can enter Kidzania
  7. Continue straight
  8. Cross the street
  9. After crossing, turn to the left
  10. Walk straight for a little bit
  11. After crossing the street, head to the right and enter the building
  12. From here, follow the signs leading you to Kidzania
  13. Head for the 3rd floor using the escalator
  14. Arrival at Kidzania Tokyo!
  15. Don’t worry if you can’t speak Japanese, as an english program is also prepared!