Kimino na wa “Your Name” (Yotsuya)

Step by Step

  1. “Kimino na wa” (Your Name), a popular anime in Japan and abroad
  2. The story was based in Suga Shrine
  3. Many anime fans and tourists visit here
  4. These steps are the “holy place” for Your Name fans
  5. Many fans come to visit these famous steps
  6. You should also pay a visit to the main shrine
  7. This shrine can be traced back to the Edo period
  8. It is known to bring you good fortune, good business, and protection from evil
  9. Why not visit Suga Shrine, where Your Name took place?
  10. How to visit Suga shrine from JR Subway Yotsuya Station
  11. Start from JR Yotsuya Station Kojimachi Exit
  12. Head towards the Yotsuya Exit
  13. Cross the road
  14. Walk straight
  15. Cross the road to your left
  16. Turn right and walk along the left road
  17. Walk straight
  18. Arrival at Suga Shrine