Marunouchi illumination

Step by Step

  1. Close to Tokyo Station, 1.2km long
  2. Introducing the way to the Marunouchi Illumination
  3. Tokyo Station - Marunouchi Side
  4. Leave through the Marunouchi south exit ticket gate
  5. Go outside using the exit on the right
  6. Leave the station and head right
  7. Walk straight for a little bit
  8. Then turn left
  9. Walk straight and cross the street
  10. Continue straight and look for the next trafficlight
  11. After turning left at the traffic light...
  12. You will arrive at the Marunouchi-Nakadori “Marunouchi Illumination”
  13. On the Marunouchi-Nakadori you will find many brand shops
  14. On the 1.2km long street over 200 illuminated trees are lined up
  15. A typical japanese Christmas atmosphere
  16. The illumination is held every year from the beginning of November until the middle of February
  17. The illumination time is from 17:30-24:00 o'clock
  18. How about making a trip to the Marunouchi illumination as well when you are in Tokyo?
  19. Don’t forget your winter clothes!