Meiji Shrine (from JR Harajuku Station)

Step by Step

  1. Head towards the “Omotesando Exit”
  2. Go through the “Omotesando Exit” gate and outside
  3. Go straight, and cross the Jingu-Bashi bridge which will appear to your right
  4. Cross the bridge,
  5. And once you pass the crosswalk...
  6. You will see the entrance to Meiji Shrine
  7. Pass under the torii gateway to enter (Bow first in front of the torii before entering)
  8. Keep following the path
  9. Once you’ve walked about 10 minutes from the entrance,
  10. You will see the Chozuya (purification trough)
  11. Clean your hands at the Chozuya
  12. Once you have cleaned your hands
  13. Head to the Main Shrine
  14. Meiji Shrine – a place where you can feel and experience the traditions of Japan, even here in the middle of Tokyo. Why not take a visit and soothe your soul?