MUJI in Yurakucho ( from Tokyo Station)

Step by Step

  1. How to get to MUJI in Yurakucho from Tokyo Station
  2. Tokyo Station Yaesu South Side Exit
  3. After leaving the Yaesu South Side Exit head to the right
  4. Walk along the street
  5. After walking for about 5 minutes you will see a crossing with a traffic light
  6. Cross the street
  7. After crossing, continue on walking straight
  8. Pass through the highway bridge
  9. After walking a little more you will see another traffic light
  10. Turn right at the “Yurakubashi” crossing
  11. After walking for another 100m..
  12. Arrival at MUJI in Yurakucho
  13. Enjoy shopping at the modern looking and world wide largest MUJI!