Nice overview of the Shibuya City(Shibuya Hikarie)

Step by Step

  1. JR Shibuya Station, Tokyo
  2. Leave the JR Shibuya Station via the Hachi-kou ticket gate
  3. After leaving, you will find a police box to your right
  4. Walk past the police box and pass through underneath the train racks
  5. Keep walking straight
  6. You will see a crossing
  7. Cross the street in the direction of the large brown building with “りそな銀行” written on it
  8. After crossing, turn right
  9. Pass through underneath the bridge
  10. Arrival at the Hikarie♪
  11. First, move up to the second flood using the escalator
  12. Walk straight and you will see an automatic door leading to an elevator hall
  13. Using the elevator, move up to the 11th floor
  14. Leave the elevator and move in the direction of the pillar with “Theatre Orb” written on it. You will see some large windows
  15. From here you have a nice overview of the Shibuya City
  16. Why don’t you enjoy the view of the Shibuya City up from the sky?