Step by Step

  1. The museum of the optical equipment manufacturer Nikon
  2. A museum built to celebrate Nikons 100th birthday
  3. Here you can learn about Nikons history, products and technology
  4. There are around 500 Nikon cameras and lenses on display
  5. Here you can learn the history of Nikons products
  6. You can experience the technical capabilities of Nikons products which support other industries such as medical equipment
  7. A recommended museum for any Nikon fan
  8. How to visit the Nikon museum from JR Shinagawa Station
  9. JR Shinagawa Station
  10. Leave via the Central Gate
  11. Head towards the Konan Exit
  12. Turn right
  13. Follow the path to the left
  14. Turn right
  15. Walk straight for a little while
  16. Follow the signs leading you to the NIKON MUSEUM
  17. Enter the C Tower
  18. Arrival at the NIKON MUSEUM