Omote-sando Hills

Step by Step

  1. Omotesando Station
  2. Leave the Omote-sando Station via the Omote-sando Crossing Gate
  3. Move up the short escalator on the left
  4. After moving up the escalator, turn left
  5. Head for exit A2
  6. Here, turn left
  7. Then, turn right
  8. Walk straight for a short moment
  9. Turn right and go up the stairs
  10. With the Apple Store on your right, walk straight for around 150 metres
  11. You are getting close to the Omote-sando Hills
  12. Continue walking for another 100 metres
  13. Arrival at the main entrance♪
  14. In this shopping complex are around 100 different specialized shops: This is a quarter of all stores on the Omote-sando
  15. How about shopping the large scale shopping complex, the Omote-sando Hills