Introducing the Sensoji Temple part-1

Step by Step

  1. Guide to Sensoji Temple,
  2. When you get out of the subway station, follow the road,
  3. Proceed with the flow of people,
  4. This is "Kaminarimon Gate" the symbol of Asakusa. Go through the "Kaminarimon Gate"
  5. Pass through the gate and enter you will be on the Nakamise Street. The street is around 250m long and has lot of small shops!
  6. A store with toys for children
  7. "Kimino" clothing stores
  8. there are also a lot of foods and drinks. *it is not allowed to eat while walking on the Nakamise shopping street
  9. There are many kids on school excursion
  10. and a lot of women wearing the famous Kimono
  11. When you get through the busy Nakamise Street, you will see the Hozomon Gate in front
  12. Once passing through the gate you will see the temples' main hall
  13. See more in Part2!