Shibuya 109 (From Shibuya Station)

Step by Step

  1. Shibuya Station, Tokyo
  2. Leave the station via the loyal dog hachi (hachi-kou) and head for the famous Shibuya crossing
  3. Cross the street using the crosswalk on the left
  4. Keep walking straight
  5. You will see the 109 diagonally to the right in front of you
  6. Cross the street using the crosswalk to your right
  7. Arrival at the Shibuya 109♪
  8. On weekends and holidays unbelievable 35.000 people are visiting this popular fashion building!
  9. Foreigners looking for japanese fashion are also regular visitors!
  10. How about enjoying a day shopping for japanese fashion in the famous Shibuya 109 ?