Shinjuku Golden Gai

Step by Step

  1. Shinjuku Station East Exit
  2. Leave through the East Exit and head to the left
  3. Cross the street
  4. And after walking straight...
  5. You will see a crossing on the left
  6. Cross the street and continue walking along the street next to the Mizuho Bank
  7. Cross the street on your right
  8. And cross the street to your left at the crossing with the Baskin-Robbins 31 Ice Cream store
  9. Cross the street and turn to the left
  10. Turn right here
  11. After walking straight for a little bit...
  12. You will arrive at the “Shinjuku Golden Gai”
  13. In the Golden District are over 200 bars and restaurants lined up very closely to each other
  14. It is said that Tokyo's subcultures and underground arts find their beginning here
  15. How about enjoying a Tokyo evening in the Shinjuku Golden Gai ?