Super Potato (Retro game store)

Step by Step

  1. JR Akihabara Station
  2. After leaving the Akihabara Electric Town Exit, continue to the left
  3. Continue walking straight
  4. Cross the street
  5. Here, turn to the right
  6. After continuing for a little while…
  7. You will arrive at Super Potato
  8. First, head for the 2nd floor
  9. In the 2nd floor you will find everything for the Nintendo Family Computer, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the Sega Mega Drive and the PC Engine
  10. Head to the 3rd floor
  11. Here you will find everything for the Playstation 1 & 2, the Gameboy, the Nintendo 64 and more!
  12. Head to the 4th floor
  13. Here you will find a retro style game center
  14. We recommend super potato for everyone that loves old school games!