Tama & Friends 3 chome Café (odaiba)

Step by Step

  1. Do you know “Tama & Friends” which was born 1983 in Japan?
  2. Back then it was a big hit especially with young women and it was broadcasted to many countries
  3. This is a limited time “Tama & Friends” Café
  4. “Tama & Friends Don’t you know our Tama?“ is soon celebrating it’s 36st birthday
  5. The first concept café has opened it’s gates in Odaiba
  6. The one introducing the “3 chome Café”
  7. is no one else than… Tama!!!
  8. Buy your food ticket at the machine
  9. Place your order at the Order Counter
  10. Receive your food at the Pick Up Counter
  11. The most popular dish is the “Tama Parfait”
  12. When here for lunch, the “3 chome meatball spaghetti” are also popular
  13. There also is a kid’s space in the café for the little guests to enjoy
  14. You can enjoy taking commemorative photos at the photo spot
  15. You can also buy “Tama & Friends” goods here
  16. How about visiting the this café recommended to any “Tama & Friends” fan
  17. The café is opened only until the 31st of March 2020
  18. There also are times where Tama is not out!
  19. Directions to the Tama & Friends 3 chome Café From Yurikamome Daiba Station
  20. Leave through the Ticket Gate and turn left
  21. Turn right
  22. Continue straight
  23. Enter the Aqua City
  24. Move up to the 6th floor using the escalator
  25. After continuing to the right…
  26. Arrival at the Tama & Friends 3chome Café