Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum

Step by Step

  1. Omotesando Station, Tokyo
  2. Move through the ticket gate and head for exit A5
  3. Move up the escalator
  4. Walk along the path
  5. Go upstairs
  6. Leave the station and turn right
  7. Walk straight
  8. Cross the street
  9. Keep walking for around 4 minutes
  10. Without crossing the street, turn right
  11. Walk straight for another 4 minutes
  12. At this crossing, turn left and cross the street
  13. After crossing, turn left again and walk straight for a few meters
  14. Then take your first right
  15. Arrival at the Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum♪
  16. This memorial was both home and studio of the artist Taro Okamoto
  17. How about coming in contact with this avante-garde art honored by Japan?