How to get to the Tokyo Disneyland from Tokyo Station

Step by Step

  1. Tokyo Station
  2. There is a train from Tokyo Station to Disneyland. It costs 220Yen for "Maihama" Station
  3. Let's buy a ticket!
  4. Don't forget your ticket!
  5. Look for the Keiyo-Line
  6. It takes around 10 minutes to the Keiyo-Line
  7. Go down the escalator
  8. Move along the moving pathways
  9. After using a few moving pathways, go down another escalator
  10. After arriving at the Keiyo-Line platform take a train from Platform 3 or 4
  11. Above the doors you can see the upcoming station
  12. Exit the train at Maihama station
  13. Leave the station at the south exit
  14. When leaving, you will find Disneyland on the right, and Disney Sea on the left side
  15. Buy a ticket...
  16. Get you bags checked...
  17. And enjoy your trip to the Land of dreams!