Tokyo Ramen Street

Step by Step

  1. The Tokyo Ramen Street in the basement of the Tokyo Station
  2. The popular hotspot for the famous ramen shops representing Tokyo
  3. Tokyo Station Yaesu Side, Yaesu South Exit
  4. Here move down to the basement floor
  5. Starting here, you are already right in front of the Tokyo Ramen Street
  6. Let’s go inside!
  7. The Tokyo Ramen Street had its beginning in 2009 with only 4 popular ramen restaurants
  8. In april 2011 it has been reopened with twice as many restaurants!
  9. Because of the easy access to Tokyo Station
  10. and the fact that you can eat the most delicious ramen of Tokyo this location is very popular
  11. Pick your meal and buy ticket at one of the machines in front of your chosen restaurant
  12. Please always line up at the end
  13. Enjoy!