Tsukiji jogai market

Step by Step

  1. Introducing the tsukiji jogai market which is right next to the world's first fishmarket, the “tsukiji market”
  2. The tsukiji market is divided into the “inside market” (jonai) and an “outside market” (jogai) areas.
  3. The outside market features stores for various goods. Here you can eat local foods while strolling along the market.
  4. Tokyo Metro, Hibiya-Line, Tsukiji Station
  5. Look for exit no. 2
  6. Exit 2
  7. After leaving the station, continue straight
  8. Cross the street
  9. Cross the street
  10. After turning right...
  11. You will arrive at the Tsukiji jogai market!
  12. Let’s go inside!
  13. The tsukuji jogai market, which is directly connected to the famous tsukiji market area, features fresh produce and various kitchen tools in over 400 stores
  14. Many places offer seats to eat your food there but we recommend enjoying the market while eating various foods!
  15. Fresh sashimi
  16. Cooking tools and ceramics
  17. And also many kinds of japanese sake and other liquors
  18. While it is also fun just walking around the market area
  19. we recommend coming with an empty stomach to also enjoy the markets fresh produce