UMAMI BURGER Restaurant(Omotesando)

Step by Step

  1. A burger restaurant which originated in Los Angeles
  2. A burger pursuing the fifth taste called “Umami”
  3. A very popular burger restaurant, even in Japan
  4. The stores interior features a fashionable and nice atmosphere
  5. The burgers are made with selected ingredients like angus beef
  6. You can order burgers with their own special features from their large menu
  7. They also sell umami burger goods
  8. How about eating these delicious burgers here?
  9. How to visit the UMAMI BURGER restaurant(Subway Omotesando Station)
  10. Head towards Exit A1
  11. Leave the station and walk for a little while
  12. Turn left
  13. Walk straight
  14. Turn left
  15. Arrival at UMAMI BURGER