How to visit the VR ZONE (Shinjuku)

Step by Step

  1. JR Shinjuku Station
  2. Head towards the East Exit
  3. Head towards the Kabukicho Side
  4. After leaving the station, follow the path to the left
  5. Cross the street
  6. Walk straight
  7. Cross the street
  8. Turn left
  9. Enter the Kabukicho Ichiban-gai (歌舞伎町一番街)
  10. Keep walking straight
  11. Turn left
  12. After walking straight...
  13. Arrival at the VR ZONE♪
  14. Here you can have fun using the VR technology!
  15. The most popular attractions are those where you can dive into the world of popular animes
  16. Why don’t you experience the Virtual World at the VR ZONE?