Yushima-Tenmangu Shrine

Step by Step

  1. The Yushima-Tenmangu is one of the most visited shrines, which is celebrated for its god of studies
  2. It is visited by many students and children who pray for passing their exams
  3. Tokyo Metro Chiyoda-Line Yushima Station
  4. Go upstairs and head to the ticket gates
  5. After leaving via the ticket gates, go left and leave the station via exit 3
  6. Exit 3
  7. After leaving the station, head left
  8. Follow along the street
  9. Arrival at Yushima-Tenmangu
  10. Climb the stairs
  11. Many people come here to pray for their wishes
  12. Buy a votive tablet
  13. After paying you will receive the votive tablet and a pen. One tablet costs 1000 Yen
  14. Here you write down your wishes onto the tablet (It’s common to write your name and address)
  15. Once writing down your wishes...
  16. tightly tie your tablet to one of the hanging ones
  17. The Yushima-Tenmangu - A place to pray for good studying skills, passing an exam, winning and good luck when playing the lottery
  18. How about visiting here when there is something you are longing for?