Realista Inc. (hereafter referred to as “our company”) recognizes the importance of protecting customers’ private information while providing the DIVE JAPAN service (hereafter referred to as “this service”). Along with acting in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereafter referred to as the “Personal Information Protection Law”), we have also enacted the following privacy policy (hereafter referred as “this privacy policy”) in order to ensure the proper handling of and protection of personal information.

1. Definition of “personal information”

Our company defines personal information as information related to a customer — including information such as name, date of birth, telephone number, email address, and mailing address as well as other descriptive information — that can be used to identify that customer as a specific individual. Said personal information is handled according to this privacy policy.

2. Purposes of using personal information

Our company uses the personal information of users for the following reasons:

  1. To provide this service
  2. To provide guidance as well as respond to inquiries regarding this service
  3. To deal with the violations of the agreements and policies (hereafter referred to as “agreements”) our company has set in regards to this service
  4. To provide customers with information on changes to agreements in regards to this service.
  5. To improve our services or develop new services
  6. Other purposes related to those listed above 

3. About personal information management

Our company takes steps to thoroughly ensure the protection of personal information. We regularly educate our staff on personal information in addition to enacting measures to guard against the leaking of, loss of, or damage to personal information as well as other measures to guarantee its safe management. 

4. Provision of personal information to third parties

Our company will not disclose personal information to any third party without prior consent from the user except in cases in under which it is allowed according to the Personal Information Protection Law or other laws and ordinances. However, the following cases do not correspond to the above definition of “provision to a third party”:

  1. If our company chooses to entrust another to handle personal
    information (in whole or in part) within the scope necessary to achieve our purposes of use
  2. If, as the result of a merger or other reason, personal information is provided as part of a business succession
    Additionally, the purpose of this service is to allow users to share information. Accordingly, any information contributed by users (excluding information users have set as private in accordance with our regulations) is subject to publication through this service, and may become searchable through search engines or re-used on other websites.

5. Changes to purposes of use

The managers of this service may revise this privacy policy in order to plan for personal information protection in accordance with changes to laws and ordinances. On such an occasion, the latest updated privacy policy will be published by this service.
We ask that you please regularly check this page in order to ensure you properly understand this service’s privacy policy.

6. Inquiries

For inquiries regarding this privacy policy, please contact the following office:

Realista Co., Ltd.
Privacy Policy Manager
22-17-402 Sakuragaoka,Shibuya,Tokyo,Japan  1500031

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