Calbee Plus(Harajyuku)

Step by Step

  1. To all potato lovers
  2. This is Calbee Plus located in Harajuku Takeshita Street
  3. The store is filled with the smell of fresh potato chips
  4. Calbee is one of the big snack brands in Japan
  5. It holds over half of Japan’s snack market
  6. At its shop Calbee Plus,You can not only buy limited edition goods
  7. But also try freshly fried foods
  8. Perfect for potato chip lovers!
  9. Try the Potato chips (with chocolate and ice cream)
  10. It is full of chocolate
  11. Then, add some ice cream on top
  12. And dip well
  13. To experience the best combination of salty and sweet
  14. How to visit Calbee Plus (from Harajuku Station)
  15. Start from Takeshita Exit
  16. Takeshita Street is the forefront of teenage culture
  17. Walk along this street
  18. It is to your right
  19. Try some “Japanese taste” here!