Tokyo no Kaba(Daiba)

Step by Step

  1. An unusual amphibious bus, even for Tokyo
  2. With this bus you can see both the Daiba City and the sea
  3. Please enjoy your ride on the beautiful sea
  4. How to visit the Tokyo no Kaba(From Yurikamome Line, Odaiba Station)
  5. Leave via the North Exit
  6. Turn right
  7. Turn left
  8. Move downstairs
  9. Make a U-Turn to the right
  10. Arrival at the bus stop
  11. Buy your ticket here
  12. First off, you can enjoy the Daiba City
  13. The moment you enter the sea is the best part
  14. From the sea you can enjoy quite a different scenery
  15. How about enjoy Daiba with this amphibious bus?